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Tips for Termite Control

Termite Control Now

So the time for termite control is now! You may feel like there’s nothing to worry about but these wood-chewing pests are smarter than you think.

Termites can’t always be detected until it is too late for you to take matters into your own hands.

Therefore, guard your home with these proven and clever tips to combat these pesky pests.

1. Run an inspection every once in a while

Your foundation may be concrete but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from termites. They can crawl their way inside by building mud tubes in search of wood.

Shine a light into corners and gaps to look for termite infestation. One hack is to search for small piles of grass. This is sign termites have been at work there.

Once you’ve identified their existence, you are better aware of the next step of pest control and how to go about the termite treatment.

2. Termite Prevention by Proper Ventilation

Termites thrive in moist and humid places which Malaysia is unfortunately abundant.

If your foundation depends on ventilation as your main mode of air circulation, keep all passages sealed strongly to avoid any pests from entering.

To tackle the termites, one way for termite treatment is to construct the right ventilation in your foundation as a means for termite prevention method and pest control.

3. Check for Leaks to Prevent Termites

Any leakage around your property will lead to heightened moisture levels. This will eventually bait termites to fester.

So, contact your local plumber to repair any leakages that will reduce the moisture levels in your foundation.

If you’re too late in doing leak repairs on your property, you’ll be facing more total repairs for termite treatment in the future.

4. Clean your surroundings for better Termite Control

If your foundation has trees or wood around, take time to clear away branches and leaves that are too close by.

Living vegetation must be trimmed and kept away from your property for better termite control.

Remove any dead trees or call pest control to treat your surroundings so termites are not given the chance.

5. Remove climbing plants from walls

It may look pretty and aesthetic to have bushy gardens against walls but what you can’t see is the termite army working their way inside.

Keep an eye on the roots as well since they also provide undetected entry of termites. You can have as many plants as you like but keep them treated from pests.

What looks good on the outside may be festered with termites which if left untreated, your last resort will be to call the professional pest control team.

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